A Bit About Amethyst + Agate

A Bit About Amethyst + Agate

History & Science

Amethyst is a variety of quartz, generally ranging from pale lilac to deep, reddish purple. As with other varieties of quartz, amethyst owes its color to irradiation from surrounding rocks as well as impurities of iron and other trace minerals.
Agate is formed as silica-rich water finds its way into the cavities of igneous rocks, and over millions of years, the layers of seeping water coalesce into the beautiful, banded stone we know as agate. The colors of agate are caused by the addition of naturally-occurring impurities such as iron, manganese, aluminum, and other trace minerals.


Metaphysical Properties

We could fill a book with the positive properties that are attributed to amethyst, but at its root, amethyst is a stone of peace, calm, and unification. Agate is known for its association with courage, emotional stability, and growth. Mixed together, these properties compliment each other, creating a stone that is both grounding and inspiring!

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