Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer flat rate shipping within the US on the following scale:
$1-$20 - Flat rate $4.50
$20 - $200 - Flat rate $9.99
$200+ - Shipping is FREE!

In addition to seeing the shipping charges at check-out, you'll also be able to see our estimated delivery date.
This is based on our efforts to ship everything within 3 business days and our system's estimated shipping speeds.

Payment Options

We take most major credit cards as well as Paypal, and through Shop Pay, we're also able to offer a payment plan. See "Payment Options" for more information.

Order Returns and Refund Policy

We always do our best to supply as much information as we can and package each item carefully, so you'll be even more happy with your purchase than you thought you would be!

Because of the one-of-a-kind and often delicate nature of our items, we do not generally offer returns, as we cannot guarantee that items will arrive back to us in the same condition they were received.

However, if there is something wrong with your order, something has broken in transit, or you feel as though your item is not at all what you expected based on the images, video, and description on our site, please reach out to us within 5 days of delivery. We will do everything we can to make it right!

Knowledgable Shopping Help

Are you brand new to the world of crystals and fossils and feel you could use a little help in figuring out what pieces would be best for you?

One option is to look into a Mystery Tricerabox, where you'll be able to fill out a questionnaire to allow us to pick some special things for you. Your box will come with an info page, outlining what's in your box and why we chose everything there.

OR if you find yourself with some specific questions, please feel free to reach out! We're always learning, too, and we absolutely love sharing our knowledge!

Conscious Crystal and Fossil Sourcing

Unethical source practices isn't quite as big of an issue in our corner of the crystal and fossil world, as we're not selling diamonds or whole t-rex skeletons or any other items that lend themselves to causing situations that are extremely unethical. But we still have to be cognizant of where our crystals and fossils come from, and there are some minerals we have chosen not to carry due to the dangerous mining conditions or the danger to the stone carvers. We do our very best to work with wholesalers and sources who are just as committed as we are to making sure the rocks we're sending out into the world come from the earth and are distributed under ethical circumstances!

Fair Trade and Artisan Sources

Most of the jewelry and artisan homegoods we source come straight from the artisan who hand-made them, with prices set by the artisans.

In cases in which we work with fair trade organizations, we are careful to research the organization to ensure that they are, indeed, certified fair trade. The organizations we work with are almost all created and run by immigrants from the country and culture the items are coming from, and we truly believe the artisans are being fairly compensated for their beautiful work!


We are committed to supplying an accessible web experience for everyone, and we make every effort to follow guidelines set out by the ADA.

However, we are always learning! If you feel as though you have some tips for us or suggestions for improving our site's usability, please reach out to us!