• In late 2022, it was time for one of those big life changes that throws off everything. I had absolutely treasured my time as the founder and curator of a virtual art gallery supporting women artists, and I had never imagined I would be moving away from that mission. But the writing on the wall (and the number on my blood pressure machine) was clear: it was time.

    My husband listened closely as I poured out my heart and then asked me, “Well, what DO you want to do? What makes you happy?”

    Somewhere between running a gallery and running a home all while momming through a pandemic, I seemed to have lost the answer. So I took some time off from just about everything to delve into that question.

    And suddenly, I remembered! 
    Fossils, sparkly crystals, the forest, Ancient Egypt, stories about cryptids and aliens and ghosts and other whimsical and curious things.

    I wanted those things in my life all the time, not just when I was taking a guilty break from work. And I really wanted to share that fun with the world!

    I still wanted to build a business based on my values. I wanted to bring in wonderful things from ethical sources, women-owned businesses and artisans when at all possible. I wanted to share one-of-a-kind curiosities and curated whimsies, like the ones that bring me so much joy in my own life.

    A curator's gonna curate, so I got to work hunting down the coolest and most delightful things I could find. As I went, my vision for The Triceratory began to emerge.

    The Triceratory opened its virtual doors in March 2023 as a Carefully Curated Cabinet of Curiosities, stuffed to the brim with crystals, fossils, artisan homegoods, and hand-made jewelry!

    I hope you'll find joy and delight here, just as I have! I'm so excited for you to experience everything there is to see here at The Triceratory!

     - Katie Bradford Osborne, Founder of The Triceratory

Well, what makes YOU happy?

What would bring a smile to your face?
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