Baltic Amber with Included Bug

A Bit About Amber

History and Science

Amber is the fossilized resin of trees from millions of years ago. Resin is produced exclusively in trees that belong to the Pinaceae family, such as pine, fir, and cedar. It forms in the bark of trees, where it acts like a bandaid- closing wounds to the tree and keeping it safe from the elements while it heals. Resin is thick and sticky, and quite often will collect insects, small pieces of vegetation, and even algae.
In popular culture, Amber is perhaps best known from movies such as Jurassic Park where DNA extracted from a dinosaur-biting mosquito was used to recreate dinosaurs. While this isn't realistic due to the degradation and contamination of the DNA, amber has still been a useful part of the fossil record. In addition to preserving now-extinct plant and insect life, remains extracted by researchers at Oregon State University showed the presence of malaria during the time of dinosaurs, showing a timeline that extended much farther than previously thought!

Historically, amber has been highly regarded since ancient times and has been used in jewelry since the Stone Ages. Pliny the Elder wrote about its electrostatic properties. The Vikings believed it to be the tears of the goddess Freya. And perhaps one of the most interesting incidents in the story of amber throughout history was Russian Czar Peter the Great's Amber Room, which was decorated with 13,000 lbs of amber. (If you consider how light amber is, that number is even more amazing!) Unfortunately, the room disappeared during WWII under Nazi occupation and now remains one of history's mysteries.

Metaphysical Properties

It is said that Amber is fossilized sunshine: warm, transmutative, and wise.
What it literally is, is fossilized tree resin, exuded to mend wounds to trees that formed the forests dinosaurs would have lived in. This makes its energy soothing, healing, and compassionate, as well.
Amber absorbs negativity and radiates back warm, sunny, positive energy. It is a particularly wonderful choice for those with trauma, disabilities, or self confidence issues.
But whether you're into the science or metaphysical properties- or both like us!- we don't know anyone who doesn't get excited by amber!

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