A Bit About Arfvedsonite

A Bit About Arfvedsonite

History & Science

Arfedsonite was first discovered and named after the late Swedish chemist, Johan August Arfwedson. It is formed in Plutonic rock, which is igneous rock that has slowly solidified and crystallized underground from liquid magma. It is often called "firework stone" due to the green-blue flashes that radiate outward in a pattern reminiscent of an exploding firework. Similar to labradorite, these flashes are created by the way that light enters the stone and can be seen as the stone is viewed at different angles, especially in sunlight.
Arfvedsonite is found in very limited localities around the world such as Mount Saint Helen, Southern Greenland, South Africa, and only a few others, which makes it a fairly rare and sought-after mineral.


Metaphysical Properties

Much like the fireworks show that this "Fireworks Stone" mimics with its radiating flashes of blue and green, Arfvedsonite leaves the viewer with bright excitement, hope, and child-like optimism. And like other flashy stones, such as labradorite, Arfvedsonite is believed to help expand the consciousness and psychic abilities.
We personally like to call Arfedsonite the Star Trek stone, as between these two sets of characteristics, it's here to help you "boldly go where no man has gone before!"

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