A Bit About Fairy Stones

A Bit About Fairy Stones

History & Science

First called "Fairy Stones" by the Algonquin in Northern Quebec, where these were found, these natural sculptures are fascinating in shape! They are calcium carbonate that is formed much like cave stalactites when water from receding glaciers drips down through rock, depositing the limestone that they have absorbed. Some Fairy Stones were formed around other stones or even fossils! These concretions ended up in rivers and lakes where any sharp edges were tumbled by the moving water.
Revered for centuries as sacred by the Native American tribes of Northern Canada, Fairy Stones were given as courting gifts as well as presents for loved ones as symbols of good luck and fortune with their gods. They were also used in their rituals, lining their sacred circles as a form of protection and slipped under children's pillows to protect them against nightmares.


Metaphysical Properties

Fairy Stones have long been a talisman of good luck and protection by the Algonquin tribes that gave them their name. Their beautiful, calming energy was believed to be a sign of a powerful connection with the earth, bringing the soothing, compassionate, grounding energy of Mother Nature along with "Mama Bear" like protection from negative energies, especially for those who carry them during shamanic journeys and meditation.

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