A Bit About Flower Agate

A Bit About Flower Agate

Science and History

Also called "Sakura Agate" or "Cherry Blossom Agate" due to its beautiful cherry-blossom-like plumes, Flower Agate is a recent find in the crystal world, discovered in 2018 in Madagascar.
Although most commonly associated with pink, flower agate can also be found in shades of red, brown, green, and even blue with white formations.
As the agate was formed, the quartz from the water that had seeped into another stone began to coalesce around inclusions of manganese oxide or iron oxide, producing the unusual patterns found in flower agate.

Metaphysical Properties

Flower agate, much like many other pink-red hued stones, is a symbol of love. For flower agate, that's specifically friendship and self-love, as flower agate is said to promote self confidence, growth, and comfort within oneself. With its plumes springing out like cherry blossoms, flower agate symbolizes new growth, joy, and grounding that is reminiscent of the feel of Springtime.

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