A Bit About Petrified Wood

A Bit About Petrified Wood

History & Science

The process creating Petrified Wood, perimineralization, happens over thousands of years when a piece of wood just happens to fall into mineral-rich water, mud, or volcanic ash. While most wood will decompose, the lack of oxygen in these environments slows down natural decomposition. The wood then undergoes the transformation of minerals seeping into the porous wood and replacing organic material as it breaks down over time.
As each tree is unique and the exact minerals available in the spot where it falls are unique, as well, each piece of petrified wood is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, as well as a beautiful piece of ancient history.


Metaphysical Properties

Petrified wood has a soothing and calm energy that helps firmly root us in reality. It teaches patience and wisdom in transformation, bringing peace and serenity.
Even moreso than other fossils, Petrified Wood is a source of patient wisdom, as well. Trees have a longer lifespan than other living creatures, gathering rings every year. Between the rings of petrified wood, you can find all the wisdom of a long life as well as that of the thousands to millions of transformative years becoming the stone it is today.

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