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Campo del Cielo Meteorite and Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Campo del Cielo Meteorite and Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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This unique, hand-formed pendant holds two sparkling Herkimer Diamonds surrounding a fantastic Campo del Cielo Meteorite, all set in .925 sterling silver. This pendant measures about 1.75" long x .5" wide and hangs on an 18" silver chain.

With its fascinating mix of stones, this one-of-a-kind necklace will quickly become a wonderful conversation piece!

History | Science

Campo del Cielo, which translates to "field of the sky," refers to a group of iron meteorites and the area in Argentina where they were found in a crater field estimated to be 4,000 - 5,000 years old.
Although the meteorites had been well-known to the people who were native to the area for centuries, the Campo del Cielo meteorites enter written record in 1576 when an Argentinian governor commissioned his military to search for a huge mass of iron that the native people were reportedly using for weapons. Since the crater field's modern discovery, hundreds of iron pieces have been discovered, weighing between a few milligrams and 34 tons.

Herkimer diamonds were formed in pockets of bedrock in a shallow sea, and were first discovered in the Mohawk River Valley in Herkimer County, NY, which is still the largest source. Although not actually diamonds, but a type of double-terminated quartz, they have earned the title due to their clarity and natural faceting.

Metaphysical Properties

Meteorites are said to hold the energy of the universe and having collided with the earth are said to provide grounding and stability to starseeds, empaths, and other highly sensitive people.
Iron, which the Campo del Cielo meteorites are primarily made of, is known as the "warrior metal" and holds its own metaphysical properties as a protector against evil. It also encourages willpower and leadership.

The Herkimer diamond has the amplification properties of clear quartz with an extra vibrational energy that comes from its natural structure. It is said to aid in spiritual flow, healing, and spiritual communication.

Altogether, this is a necklace that is perfect for the HSP, empath, or starseed in your life! It provides protection, courage, energy, and spiritual balance, all amplified by the quartz qualities of the Herkimer Diamond!

Artisan Info

Created and handmade by Karen, the artisan behind Keja Designs in Centennial, Colorado



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Metaphysical Information

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