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Gem Vanadinite Specimen in Display Boxes

Gem Vanadinite Specimen in Display Boxes

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These deep red, super-sparkly gem Vanadinite specimen are mesmerizing! We're so excited to be able to carry specimen of this quality at an affordable price, housed in their acrylic display boxes!

Each Vanadinite specimen is of similar size and quality.  Some are on barite with smaller crystal structure, such as the first one in the video. All are sparkly and wonderful!  You can trust us to intuitively choose the perfect one for you!

History | Science

First discovered in Mexico in 1801 by Spanish minerologist Andrés Manuel del Río, Vanadinite is a mineral belonging to the apatite group of phosphates that shows up in distinct translucent crystals ranging from pale (almost white) yellow all the way to the deep red it is best known for. It is a secondary mineral, which means that it forms from the chemical alternations of pre-existing minerals. In the case of Vanadinite, it is almost always found in the oxidized lead deposits in arid climates. Because of the need for these specific conditions, Vanadinite is quite rare!
The component of Vanadinite that it was named for is Vanadium, which was named for the Norse goddess Freya (also called Vanadis).

Vanadinite crystals are particularly vulnerable to bright light and should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

These high quality Vanadinite specimen were unearthed in Morocco.

Metaphysical Properties

Like so many bright orange - red crystals, Vanadinite is known as a stone of creativity and vitality. Energizing but focused, it has a unique energy that has earned it the nickname "caffeine stone."
Vanadinite borrows some of its history from the Norse goddess, Freya, who is also called Vanadis. Freya was the goddess of beauty, youth, the earth, and also a warrior who was the first Valkyrie.
Although it does not have ancient historical sources for us to look into, Vanadinite certainly does have "Freya" energy!
And with its bright, shiny appearance and warm vitality, we definitely get fire sign vibes from this stone, as well!



Although we always strive to provide clear, accurate images of our crystals and other products, we photograph under professional lighting, which is meant to mimic sunlight. If you get your crystal and think it looks a little different under low or artificial light, try checking it out again in sunlight!

Our crystals are one-of-a-kind art, created by nature.

No two pieces are the same, and there is no such thing as "perfection" in nature.

When it comes to our hand-carved items, remember that artists work with and around imperfections, druzy pockets, and other natural variations to bring each carving out of a piece of natural stone.

We consider these imperfections to be one of the most wonderful parts of crystal collecting, and we invite you to embrace each carving's uniqueness!

We will always try to portray each piece honestly, so be sure to look closely at our images and videos to ensure you know what to expect.

Metaphysical Information

Metaphysical information mentioned anywhere by The Triceratory should not be considered medical advice and is not meant to be used in place of needed medical treatment.

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