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Do you like surprises?

We do, too!

We also love a good deal, and each Tricerabox is packed with 3 specially-chosen items from our inventory with a value of at least 10% more than the cost of the box!

(PS - All but the $33.33 Triceraboxes ship free!) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You choose your box size, fill out our short questionnaire below, and add your box to your cart. Then we'll intuitively pick 3 special items based on what you tell us.

What kind of things go in my box?

In the survey below, you can choose from a box of just crystals, a box of crystals & artisan jewelry, or give us carte blanche to choose anything in the store inventory!

We can choose from inventory that hasn't hit the store yet- and we even have some special things set aside just waiting for the perfect person to order a Tricerabox!
(Is it you?? I think it might be you!)

Who chooses what goes in my box?

Mostly, that's me- Katie, the founder of The Triceratory.  

Anyone who knows me will tell you that picking the perfect gift for the perfect person is my favorite thing. That's exactly why we designed the Mystery Tricerabox!

How long will it take to get my box?

It doesn't take any longer to order a Tricerabox than it does any other item in our store.  We aim for all orders to go out within 72 hours.

Why only 3 things?

A lot of mystery crystal boxes out there are a chance to get a box full of little things, and that can be fun.  But many of our customers have been collecting crystals for a long time, and we know they already have a lot of those things. 

Whether you're a crystal newbie or you have an extensive collection already, limiting our picks to 3 super special things means we have to be extra thoughtful in what we pick!

We're big fans of quality over quantity. 

What if I hate what you pick?

That's totally okay!

You can return your TriceraBox in the same condition it arrived to you, and we'll either try again or give you store credit to choose something for yourself.

Just let us know within 5 days of receiving your order.

Box Choices & Questionnaire

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Any other questions? Want to talk about arranging an extra-special box for yourself or a loved one? We love to hear from you!

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