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Blue Apatite Tower A

Blue Apatite Tower A

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This stunning Blue Apatite tower is a little over 6" tall and 1.75" wide at the base. It weighs a little over a pound!

History | Science

"Apatite" was originally named for Greek Mythology's Apate, a diety of trickery and deceit who was one of the evils that escaped Pandora's box. If this seems like an awfully negative moniker for a beautiful stone, that is because "Apatite" is really a group of minerals that comes in such a variety of colors (yellow, green, pink, and perhaps the best known, blue, depending on the impurities present) that it is often mistaken for other minerals such as beryls.
In addition to being present in the formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic material, apatite is found in biological material such as teeth and bones. It is also used in the production of various industrial compounds such as fertilizer and dental materials.
Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of Apatite is that in mid 2023, research out of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia suggested that traces of apatite in dinosaur teeth could aid in dating the fossils. And during the Apollo space program, astronauts found traces of Blue Apatite in lunar rocks, suggesting that apatite literally spans time and space!

Metaphysical Properties

From dinosaur teeth to human bones to traces of Blue Apatite found in lunar rocks, Apatite literally spans time and space! This makes Blue Apatite a powerful stone of manifestation and intellect. It is a stone that has seen it all and knows that anything is possible, which allows for greater clarity and self-reflection. During meditation, Blue Apatite attracts intelligent guides and assists in communication with them as well as with your highest self.



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No two pieces are the same, and there is no such thing as "perfection" in nature.

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We consider these imperfections to be one of the most wonderful parts of crystal collecting, and we invite you to embrace each carving's uniqueness!

We will always try to portray each piece honestly, so be sure to look closely at our images and videos to ensure you know what to expect.

Metaphysical Information

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