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Hemipristis Serra Fossilized Shark Teeth in Floating Frames

Hemipristis Serra Fossilized Shark Teeth in Floating Frames

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These Hemipristis Serra fossilized Shark teeth measure approximately 1" and come displayed in a 4" x 3.75" floating frame display. They were unearthed at the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland. 

Each Hemipristis Serra tooth is uniquely beautiful, and you can trust us to intuitively choose the perfect one for you!

History | Science

Hemipristis Serra is an extinct species of weasel shark, which existed during the Miocene Epoch, roughly 23 - 5.5 million years ago in the current-day Atlantic Ocean. It is a distant relation of the Snaggletooth Shark, however unlike its small, benign snaggletooth cousin, the Hemipristis Serra was considerably larger and more dangerous, reaching a length of around 20 feet. Fascinatingly, as a contemporary of the Megalodon, it is believed that the Hemipristis Serra was particularly talented at preying on the much-smaller pups of this apex predator.



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