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Herkimer Diamond Nautilus Necklace

Herkimer Diamond Nautilus Necklace

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1 Copper electroformed dainty Herkimer diamond nautilus pendant on an 18" soldered copper chain.

As these necklaces are handmade using natural stones, there will be slight variations in the size and shape of each piece. Each pendant is unique!

History | Science

This pendant borrows its shape from the Nautilus, a species of marine molusc with the nickname "living fossil", having survived relatively unchanged for hundreds of millions of years.
Poking out of the Nautilus shell is a Herkimer diamond. Herkimer diamonds were formed in pockets of bedrock in a shallow sea, and were first discovered in the Mohawk River Valley in Herkimer County, NY, which is still the largest source. Although not actually diamonds, but a type of double-terminated quartz, they have earned the title due to their clarity and natural faceting.

Metaphysical Properties

The nautilus is a long-held symbol of growth, expansion, renewal, and of order amidst chaos due to its precise spiral shape.
The Herkimer diamond has the amplification properties of clear quartz with an extra vibrational energy that comes from its natural structure. It is said to aid in spiritual flow, healing, and spiritual communication.

Artisan Info

Hand-made by the artisans at Merging Metals in Asheville, NC



Although we always strive to provide clear, accurate images of our crystals and other products, we photograph under professional lighting, which is meant to mimic sunlight. If you get your crystal and think it looks a little different under low or artificial light, try checking it out again in sunlight!

Our crystals are one-of-a-kind art, created by nature.

No two pieces are the same, and there is no such thing as "perfection" in nature.

When it comes to our hand-carved items, remember that artists work with and around imperfections, druzy pockets, and other natural variations to bring each carving out of a piece of natural stone.

We consider these imperfections to be one of the most wonderful parts of crystal collecting, and we invite you to embrace each carving's uniqueness!

We will always try to portray each piece honestly, so be sure to look closely at our images and videos to ensure you know what to expect.

Metaphysical Information

Metaphysical information mentioned anywhere by The Triceratory should not be considered medical advice and is not meant to be used in place of needed medical treatment.

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