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Large Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Specimen

Large Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Specimen

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These Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore stones are much-needed rainbows that we're excited to offer! Be sure to read below more information about how they get their rainbow color hues and also the fantastic metaphysical properties attributed to them!

These stones are rather large at 3" - 5" at their largest sides, and are such a gorgeous quality! All are similar in size and amount of colorful luster. (See the video for a good idea of the size)

Each Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore piece is slightly unique, but so incredibly beautiful! You can trust us to intuitively choose the perfect piece for you!

History | Science

Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide mineral that, while naturally a bright gold, tarnishes in the presence of acid to the purples, blues, greens, and pinks that earn it the trade name "Peacock Ore", which it shares with Bornite.
This very rarely happens in nature, and although we intentionally do not carry very many dyed, heated, or otherwise tampered with minerals, the acid bath that it takes to bring out Chalcopyrite's beautiful colors is far less intensive than even the cleaning process that many minerals go through to remove things like iron staining. And for those shimmery peacock colors, it's worth it!
Chalcopyrite has been used for over 5,000 years as the primary ore of copper smelting. It has also shown up in studies of the paint "Egyptian Blue" used as far back as Roman times, and possibly as far back as Egypt, itself. Traces of chalcopyrite were most recently found in the second church building of St. Peter in northern Italy that dates back to the fifth century.
This Chalcopyrite was unearthed in Mexico.

Metaphysical Properties

Chalcopyrite can perhaps best be described as a joyful energy river. It is known as a stone of balance and activation and is especially ideal for those who are feeling "stuck" and directionless. Its natural flow pushes aside blocks and changes habits and situations that aren't working for our greatest good, bringing about equilibrium and providing space for inviting in joy and abundance.



Although we always strive to provide clear, accurate images of our crystals and other products, we photograph under professional lighting, which is meant to mimic sunlight. If you get your crystal and think it looks a little different under low or artificial light, try checking it out again in sunlight!

Our crystals are one-of-a-kind art, created by nature.

No two pieces are the same, and there is no such thing as "perfection" in nature.

When it comes to our hand-carved items, remember that artists work with and around imperfections, druzy pockets, and other natural variations to bring each carving out of a piece of natural stone.

We consider these imperfections to be one of the most wonderful parts of crystal collecting, and we invite you to embrace each carving's uniqueness!

We will always try to portray each piece honestly, so be sure to look closely at our images and videos to ensure you know what to expect.

Metaphysical Information

Metaphysical information mentioned anywhere by The Triceratory should not be considered medical advice and is not meant to be used in place of needed medical treatment.

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