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Large Raw Ruby Zoisite Specimen 3

Large Raw Ruby Zoisite Specimen 3

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Raw Ruby Zoisite is something we haven't seen often in pieces this large and high quality- since they're still only found in Tanzania, primarily at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Ruby Zoisite is not a common rock and large pieces are considerably harder to mine and sell. That's why we were so excited to find these!
You'll have to watch the video to see how sparkly and beautiful these are, too, with giant pieces of ruby! We particularly love the light green color of this one, and since we liked how it sat in the stand, that will be included with this one.
This large piece is about 4" x 3.5" x 2" and weighs 1.33 lbs.

History | Science

Ruby Zoisite, also known as Anyolite after the Masai word for "green", is a colourful metamorphic rock that features crystals of Ruby, green Zoisite, and lines of dark Horblende minerals. It was found in 1949 in Tanzania at the foot of the Kilimanjaro Mountains, and it is still only mined there today.
Fun Ruby Fact: Ruby falls under the category of "Corundum," along with its fraternal twin, Sapphire. Ruby and Sapphire are scientifically the same mineral but just differ in color. Ruby is the red variety, and Sapphire encompasses all other colors.

Metaphysical Properties

Because of its mix of minerals, Ruby Zoisite is a powerful stone of balance and joy. While Ruby denotes fire and passion, Zoisite is a "reset button," returning you to your best self, especially after negative interruptions. Hornblende, like many dark stones, is a grounding stone that promotes unity. Altogether, Ruby Zoisite is a return to joy, passion, and balance.



Although we always strive to provide clear, accurate images of our crystals and other products, we photograph under professional lighting, which is meant to mimic sunlight. If you get your crystal and think it looks a little different under low or artificial light, try checking it out again in sunlight!

Our crystals are one-of-a-kind art, created by nature.

No two pieces are the same, and there is no such thing as "perfection" in nature.

When it comes to our hand-carved items, remember that artists work with and around imperfections, druzy pockets, and other natural variations to bring each carving out of a piece of natural stone.

We consider these imperfections to be one of the most wonderful parts of crystal collecting, and we invite you to embrace each carving's uniqueness!

We will always try to portray each piece honestly, so be sure to look closely at our images and videos to ensure you know what to expect.

Metaphysical Information

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