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Mosasaur Tooth Fossil in Original Matrix with Fragments of Teeth and Shells

Mosasaur Tooth Fossil in Original Matrix with Fragments of Teeth and Shells

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This fantastic 3" x 2" specimen has one beautiful 1.25" mosasaur tooth visible with another tooth clearly embedded amongst pieces of fossilized shell and teeth.

History | Science

Mosasaurs are an extinct group of large aquatic reptiles that were the dominant marine predators in the shallow inland seas of the late end of the Cretaceous period, around, around 90-66 million years ago . Their name comes from the Latin "Mosa" meaning "derived from water" and the Greek "sauros" meaning "lizard."
Mosasaurs ranged in size from around 3 feet to the more common 13+ feet, with the largest known species reaching as large as 50 feet!
Much like snakes, Mosasaurs had double-hinged jaws and flexible skulls that would allow them to swallow their prey whole. They also used their teeth, however, as evidenced by triangular marks found in ammonite fossils.
Little is known about the skin of the mosasaur, but an impression found in Jordan shows the clear presence of small, overlapping, diamond-shaped scales, very similar to modern-day snakes. And due to what we know about the shape of the mouth, scientists have deduced that there is a very good chance that Mosasaurs had a forked tongue that could be flicked in and out as part of their sense of smell.

This specimen was unearthed in present day Morocco



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