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Otodus Obliquus Shark Tooth Fossil in Matrix B

Otodus Obliquus Shark Tooth Fossil in Matrix B

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This large Otodus Obliquus shark tooth fossil is about 4" long, including the original matrix it sits perched in. The tooth itself is a little over 2.5"

History | Science

Otodus Obliquus is an extinct genus of the modern mackeral shark shark that lived in the ancient seas of the Paleocene to the Pliocene Epoch, roughly 60 million - 5 million years ago. Like most sharks, Otodus Obiquus is primarily known by its teeth, as much like current-day sharks, the skeletons of ancient sharks were composed primarily of cartilage that rarely survives into the fossil record. Fossils suggest that the Otodus Obliquus was a large, predatory shark, perhaps measuring as large as 26-30 feet long! To put this in perspective, however, their largest cousin, the Otodus Megalodon, is believed to have grown to sizes exceeding 55 feet long!

Otodus Obliquus teeth shows signs of evolving serrations, which is evident on the edges of this fossil specimen.

Otodus Obliquus teeth have been found practically around the world, with this particular tooth having been unearthed from the ancient sea that is now the Sahara Dessert in Morocco.



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