Turkish Stick Agate Slab - Large

Turkish Stick Agate Slab - Large

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This fascinating slab of Turkish Stick Agate was mined in Ankara, Turkey and was finished with a beautiful polish on both sides.

It is 6.76" long by 3.75" tall and comes with an acrylic display stand.

History | Science

High quality stick agate reminds us of a beaver dam, where angled sticks are visible beneath the surface of the water, or as is actually the case, poking through the agate.
Stick agate is a pseudomorph after aragonite. A pseudomorph is a mineral that is in atypical form, due to having taken the form of the mineral it has replaced. In the case of stick agate, the agate fills a cavity of a rock that is already full of aragonite. The aragonite forms hollow tube structures within the agate, which resemble sticks.
Stick Agate, also called "Needle Agate" due to those needle-like structures, is mined exclusively in Turkey, making it a rare and still fairly uncommon stone within the US.

Metaphysical Properties

Agate is a stone that is formed based on how it fills crevices in rocks. Similarly, agate fills a metaphysical space with truth and positive energy, replacing anything false or negative that might have been there before.
Each variety of agate has additional properties of their own, and although due to its rarity, little is still known about the metaphysical properties of stick agate in particular, it is said to promote self acceptance, confidence, the speaking of one's own truth.



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Metaphysical Information

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