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Xiuyan Jade Sphere A

Xiuyan Jade Sphere A

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This beautiful Xiuyan Jade Sphere is 66mm (about 2.6")

History | Science

If you were to ask a Western gemologist, they might say that Xiuyan Jade is not "real" jade. However, a visit to a museum of cultural Chinese art to see the jade carvings from centuries ago makes it clear that Xiuyan Jade has been considered traditional Jade to the people of China since ancient times.
In reality, there are 2 "types" of jade- Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is considered a precious stone, whereas nephrite is what you will usually find used for carvings. Xiuyan Jade, which gets its name from its origin in the Xiuyan County in the Liaoning Province of China, is actually a mix of Jade Nephrite and Serpentine.

Metaphysical Properties

As a mixture of Jade Nephrite and Serpentine, Xiuyan Jade carries qualities of both of these powerful stones. WIth this fascinating energy, it is quickly becoming a favorite here at The Triceratory!
Jade Nephrite is known as a stone of healing. The name "nephrite" actually comes from Latin "lapis nephriticus" which means "stone of the kidneys" because of ancient beliefs that it would heal kidney ailments. We at the Triceratory would suggest a trip to the doctor if you have any kind of physical ailment, but we do believe the energy of Jade Nephrite is emotionally healing, giving one a sense of peace, harmony, and overall well-being.
Serpentine is a stone of "upgrades"- an enhanced intuition and expansion of the mind.
Together, Xiuyan Jade is a powerful stone of balance, alignment, inner peace and expansion, and the good fortune that follows these things!



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Metaphysical Information

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